Black and White インクル子ども英会話浜松市



Breaking from my usual theme I am writing about two colors this time. Although the argument could be made that these are the darkest forms of every color. In terms of language they are separate colors, black and white. In many cultures white represents pureness. An example of this is a white wedding dress worn by a bride on her wedding day. Black is often the representation of darkness or evil. An example of this is employers calling their company a "black company" when the company treats them poorly.
Black is perceived black as when light hits a black object it absorbs almost all of it and doesn't reflect any color. White on the other hands reflects all light waves that hit it there is perceived as white. When we want to say the the differences in things are clear we say "It's as clear as black and white." When we want to refer to something that isn't so obvious... well that's a topic for my next blog post.


今回はいつものテーマとは一線を画し、2色について書いています。これらはすべての色の中で最も暗い形であると主張することはできますが.言語に関しては、それらは別々の色、黒と白です。多くの文化では、白は純粋さを表しています。この例は、結婚式の日に花嫁が着る白いウェディング ドレスです。黒はしばしば闇や悪を表しています。この例は、会社が彼らを粗末に扱うとき、雇用主が彼らの会社を「ブラック企業」と呼ぶことです.